Jul 5, 2019

Easy to check your Heart Rate. Count Pulse beats on your wrist

To check your heart rate, count your pulse beats.

Your can check it from wrist or on neck near windpipe. Also, pulse rate can be felt on groin.

Wrist pulse rate is called Radial pulse.

Resting Pulse rate between 60 and 100 beats per minute is normal.

Pulse rate or heart rate depends on many factors.

Age, fitness and activity levels, being a smoker, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Emotions, body size and medication.

A well trained athletes heart rate is lower. It can be 40 - 50. But, for common people it is low and demands visit to a doctor.

If heart rate consistently comes below 60 or above 100 then consult your doctor.

To check Pulse beats, it is easier to check this way as in pic. You can easily feel the beats.

Remember, normal reading of 60 to 100 is resting pulse beats. If you run and then check then it will surely comes higher.

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