Jun 8, 2020

J Kumar Infraprojects from Construction and Engineering space

JKIL (J.KUMAR INFRAPROJECTS LTD) is still very cheap after gaining some in recent time. Worth checking. CMP Rs 96.45.

Index: S&P BSE SmallCap
Construction and Engineering

I am not feeling to write more. That's why not updating blog. But then thought to give some stock ideas to you.

One thought was telling to avoid Roads and construction space as govt may not have funds to supports this industry but then for employment, this cannot be stopped. Poor laborer are employed here. Also, stocks are at dirt cheap now. So, we have reasons to looks at this space.

J Kumar Infraprojects Clients

J Kumar Infraprojects was founded in 1980 and in 2008, it got listed on BSE and NSE.

P/E 3.38
P/B 0.41
P/S 0.23
Interest Coverage ratio 3.7

Dividend paying company.
RoCE 16
RoE 11