Oct 18, 2020

A letter to DM (Dalla Mitra) of BJP and RSS, District Magistrate of Patna, Kumar Ravi

Today, I wrote a letter to Kumar Ravi, DM (Dalla Mitra), Patna of BJP and RSS. Yes, more than District Magistrate of Patna, he is a dalla mitra. Why only journalist can be a dalla?

Here is a copy for you all to read. This letter has no use there. It won't help anyone but reading here may help you or your dear ones. Spread of it can save anyone and whole of society.

This person in T-Shirt do Sugar test and blood pressure at DPS More, Priyadarshi Nagar, Danapur. He has one brother (not visible here) who prepare kadha.

These people work for BJP and RSS who infect people and inject slow poison to their target. Many people think BJP and RSS and target only biggies. But, they themselves say biggies are together. How would a ISIS has enslaved all without capturing common people? How Nazi has killed so many without targeting common man?

RSS and BJP do not want me to know Sugar and think of it so that sugar level rise and kidney failure happen fast. This diabetese is given by BJP and RSS. Do you know that they don't all doctors to perform and Patho labs to function? This time, in a single day, they have given Thyroid infection and their fav typhoid infection.

This police has come to save him. Doing acting that he is dealing with him.

DPS More, Danapur, Patna, Bihar

Link to the letter in PDF form
Bihar and UP is in Monster Raj and monsters in these states have spread every states. It is all India service. 

This story is really of Oct 10th. Sugar reading must come high but they downplayed. Two guys acted nicely before seeing me to convince me to go for Thyroid test. Low blood pressure measurement is to convince me for that.