Aug 11, 2021

Food Poisoning from an Unexpected Place!

If you are facing Food Poisoning from an Unexpected place And if you suspect you have enemy but not ordered then think in detail. How can they trouble you from so many different methods! It is because you are either known to any political party leader or someone has hired a politician for you. Not ordered means you are facing hardship from many quarters. It is easy to assume abuser, rowdy, sadak chaap, etc but not when you are seeing every kinds of people troubling you.

A story about Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning can occur not only when food is stale. It can occur when something having similar effect is mixed. It can even occur when either a chemical is added in small portion or infection is dropped to that. 

Food poisoning this way can give your some bloating or heaviness on first day but more serious problem on next day to third day. 2nd or 3rd day, you may feel very strong Acid Reflux and acidity. You may not feel the strength initially but later when you cannot walk or you feel you may fall of dizziness then you may realize. You tried vomiting but it is not coming. May be just few drops. You do not what to do. You need to see doctor.

This way you cannot easily complain to food boy or any restaurant easily. This way your enemy is safe and assurance to  restaurant by your enemy has worked.


To me it is all India service provider BJP and RSS. For your case, you need to recognize yourself. I have posted many posts here about their identity with many proofs. Rest you need to understand yourself. 

Article on this blog on This issue can be published or quoted without my permission. Who know how long this can last. I have written a very detailed email and based on that an inquiry news was circulating against Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) functioning in Bihar. That email has evaporated from my Inbox. This happen when monsters like this are involved.

When BJP and RSS are involved then govt or Police officers who allow inquiry  must feel shame. Our sold-out media says so.

Update: Aug 15th, 2021

This may be a way to weaken Pancreas among other problems. Regular monitoring of Hydrofluoric Acid has already weaken my Pancreas and I am a diabetic now. Last time when I have noticed this "food poisoning" thing is when I went to see tooth doctor. I felt only HF Acid is given but when same problem occured this time but HF Acid effect was not very clear then I got they have changed a strategy. They thought to use HF Acid less I have got strong feeling of HF Acid effects.
My Pancreas is very hard. I can feel a flat hard plate below my chest junction.

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