Aug 17, 2021

What are the benefits of Lineage OS compared to Android OS from manufacturers?

I was looking for updating my mobile. I see from long, I have not get any updates. This is Android 9 and I see even security update last come in Aug 2020. Very unfair. It happens with most mobile phone after 2 years. Mine is Xiaomi Mi A1.

LineageOS looks promising. It even has officially custom ROM for Mi A1. But, can I run every apps I have from Google Play Store?

What advantage I will get from Custom ROM say Lineage OS? I expect some difficulty compared to well tested Android from Xiaomi.

Biggest benefit I see is that it Lineage OS will provide latest Android. While my mobile is at Android 9 and cannot get updated from here Lineage OS can provide me Android 11. But the sad part is Mi A1 supported ROM is Lineage OS 17.1 which is Android 10 which is better than Android 9 on my phone. So, I can move one 1 step but not ahead from there! For Mi A2, Android 11 version is there.

This should be a good read on the topic:

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